Geo TV App Reviews

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crashes as soon as an item is clicked.

Video size

The size of the video is very small .plz fix it

Removing all reviews ?

I wrote a review several days ago and it has not been posted. Other negative reviews have been removed as well. What kind of a group is handling these reviews for geo ? This is highly irresponsible behavior on such a big channels part.

Geo Tv

Amazing & awesome I love Geo tv programs. & Im hoping they launch more apps of Geo Tv Network. Geo Har Pal Geo :)


Very expensive.

iPad Version Needed.

The iPhone app itself is pretty cool but what would make it better would be to introduce an iPad version because watching shows on a phone is quite an ordeal.

Does Not Work

This app throws an ad at you that is anywhere from one minute to 11 minutes long and then freezes. Bizarro! I have not been able to watch anything.

App doesnt work

This app is useless!

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